You need to complete our Death benefit nomination/expression of wish form form, get your client to sign it and send this to us. Instruction to switch funds GEN31 V12 0520 For example, if you want to sell half of your Managed fund units: insert ‘Managed fund’ and ‘50%’. What if an investment fund is missing a factsheet? For any other transactions, including withdrawal instructions, you should contact Canada Life International directly. If your client is already in drawdown, they can take an ad hoc income payment. For any other transactions, you’ll need to contact ReAssure by phone on 0345 646 0381 (Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm. Full details about our annual charge, applicable to new customers of the Aegon Platform from May 2018. Sorry, you’re not able to apply online. ;��+g�m�J 101 0 obj <> endobj Yes, this could. For customers. Please use this form to apply for a new Cofunds Pension Account plan. To delete a live platform client who has a live product on Aegon Platform you need out contact our Platform Front Office who'll be happy to help. This makes it quicker and easier for you to find the funds you need. We’ve made a number of improvements to transaction history to make it simpler and clearer for you and your clients to understand. Sign in to Dashboard. Did you know you can transfer in an ISA online. Entity self certification form - Aegon Platform (PDF - 161KB). For customers. To allow a change of registered contact on an Aegon JISA. Here's how you can contact us. Use this for to apply for an Aegon GIA for a registered charity. %%EOF Use this form to apply for an Aegon ISA for the 2019/2020 tax year. No. Please complete the relevant form below and submit. 2nd Floor, Fitzalan House You’ll see an option to set up a monthly contribution when you apply for the product online. Aegon ISA, or Aegon GIA (as applicable), as and when I request that Aegon do so. You can write to us at Aegon Cofunds Administration, PO Box 17491, Edinburgh, EH12 1PB. Sorry, you’re not able to carry out any transactions online for your client’s bond. For example, switching units between funds during a fund switch or waiting for money after a withdrawal request. To allow an intermediary to verify the identity of a non-private individual in relation to a Cofunds Pension Account application. +4HիMq����g�0���ʒ�.^���⾠5�/&��������(gP�|�tT��kq�~p+�݅�8�����i9�-w��y��>X�%s���v$��Y�P�sK;���x*���٩�hQ��g�g>���'��p�v�q�F���!�YV��=�y�z�c2��!� l���Rs�V_�]����'�� �W!1G��dy4�6�*f:�5�8�iɓ�a��0Q�����L���^ǓŖ���=����� If you don’t add a regular contribution when you set the product up, you can do this at a later date. Use this form to apply for an Aegon Junior ISA (JISA) on behalf of a child who is under 18 and living in the UK, or on your own behalf if you are the child aged 16 to 18 who has successfully applied to become the registered contact. We give all clients a GIA so they can pay their charges from here if they want to. The Suffolk Life MasterSIPP Application Form, No. To allow an investor to set up a regular withdrawal from a Suffolk Life Master SIPP on the Aegon Platfrom. If someone does this, from then on they're subject to a lower annual allowance threshold for new money purchase savings into their pensions. ��\��o�B1"��G+��(f�U�}��j,Pi@��n)�'�Ih��cl���؜�"�U��ٓI�t1����ݕ c�=&�'9ԝ��c�����q���E*��M`� �����F��`��8�7Q�Q�Ha�Y�1u�69jg����1�ͼ�5c:$���z���_ b>S��z�u���P� ��Y9��/L�I�6.M�:䊶l}��P�(�4x�lO��,��r�2�`��6�;����P��V&��W��)5��ap�}�����a;R����L�G��� Having a separate cash facility helps make it easy to keep track of any outgoing and incoming payments under each product. If you've set quarterly automatic rebalancing, the first rebalance will take place four months after that on the 19th of the month and then quarterly on the 19th thereafter (unless automatic rebalancing is stopped). If you client is already taking, or wants to take, regular withdrawals they have to set their income distribution option as leave in cash. For intermediaries. To transfer a JISA from another provider onto the Aegon Platform. Advisory is where your client has to agree to investment decisions you may recommend. Before choosing which fund selection method you'd like, please remember that the value of a stocks and shares ISA can fall as well as rise, isn't guaranteed, and you may get back less than you invest. Researched fund panel for the Aegon website (by IA sector) (PDF - 85kb), Aegon researched fund panel update (PDF - 70kb), Researched fund panel updated prepared by Morningstar, In this guide we include the steps you need to take to inform us if your business experiences a novation, Confirmation of verification of identity form - Aegon Platform (PDF - 157KB), To verify the identity of any private or non-personal customer, Power of attorney and third party CVI (PDF - 155KB). Use this form to switch investments that you currently hold with Aegon. For existing customers to top up investments in Cofunds Pension Account. To request a tax-free lump sum or pension income through flexi-access drawdown. Your clients should complete our Change of customer details form and send this to us. The minimum amount we pay is £2.50 - we'll hold any amount less than this and pay it out once the minimum amount is reached. You can switch auto-rebalancing back on by completing the Investment strategy instruction. Please note, only authorised individuals can change branch or network panels. Close ×. Sorry, you’re not able to carry out any transactions online. Fitzalan Court Please contact our Platform Front Office who’ll be able to help you. Application form - Aegon SIPP immediate drawdown (PDF - 908KB). Suffolk Life adviser charging form (PDF - 65KB), To allow an intermediary to take a charge from a Suffolk Life product, Regular investment strategy instruction (for third party pension products) (PDF - 155KB). You can no longer make contributions into these products. use this form to withdraw part or all of the value of the Aegon GIA and move it into a new or existing Aegon ISA. To top up a GIA product on the Aegon Platform. Aegon ISA - Inheritable ISA - Transfer forms, Inheritable ISA allowance - transfer of inherited investments from an Aegon ISA (PDF - 204KB). We’ve included a summary of the changes below. For information about a specific fund, please contact your Platform Front Office. When you place a switch online we'll instruct the fund manager to sell the investments you've requested. View your client’s product summary, and from ‘More options’ select ‘Manage income’. You won’t be able to retrieve this. For intermediaries. When switching assets into an ISA this must be an exact monetary amount so it’s clear how much will be transferred. Typically, assuming there are no issues, your request will be live on our system once we receive the funds and/or any forms. Issued and approved by Cofunds Limited, Level 43, The Leadenhall Building, 122 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3V 4AB. If there are any problems, we'll contact you. The Chelsea . To find out more information about the changes we’ve made including the key differences take a look at our guide Aegon Platform – improved transaction history. Charges may apply, please check your provider's tariff. We make the payment by BACS so it will be in your client’s bank account within three to five working days after being made. We display the information in easy to understand tables and charts. Terms and conditions supplement for MoneySuperMarket customers, AJ Bell Investcentre SIPP supplement (PDF - 33KB). For use to set up a discretionary trust by the member during their lifetime in anticipation of receiving any pension death benefits from the Cofunds Pension Account. If there are any problems, we'll contact you. Curtis Banks SIPP supplement (PDF – 33KB). For Aegon SIPP customers to set up a direct debit. You can call ReAssure on 0345 646 0381 (Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm. For intermediaries. You need to register your Unipass certificate with your Aegon account. Use this form to re-register investments from another investment/plan manager into an Aegon General Investment Account (GIA). AJ Bell Investcentre SIPP Investments Application, AJ Bell Investcentre SIPP Investments Transfer Application. Regular investment instruction form Aegon Platform. ReAssure SIPP If the forms above don't cover the transaction you'd like to carry out, please contact us. If your Firm Administrator isn't able to help you, you can contact our Platform Front Office. Yes. Suffolk Life investment and amendments form (PDF - 67KB). We don't consider employer addresses, business premises or PO boxes as residential. Cofunds Nominee Ltd, which is dedicated to securely holding investments separately from Aegon’s own corporate assets and prevents Aegon from mixing investors’ money with its own. This form will let you sign into the Individual Savings Accounts Ltd Dashboard �)җ�0�9������M>׬��h��R�&Ģ�L�[{jX�Lm�� ��7Ÿ�DA�)����9(m�Y&��:%��v;iK*�eȕіhaHB��vr��8��,���� �bk'~��\���M g����dH�WK��隶@��1��sVkZ@?3{?�{5lܖO��{,e�2�=&|�zi� . Terms and conditions supplement for the AJ Bell Investcentre SIPP. They can't select reinvest or consolidated nature income. For intermediaries only. No. Inheritable ISA allowance transfer authority (PDF - 34KB). There are limits to the amount of money you can pay into an ISA every year, set by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Discretionary is where you can make investment decisions on your client’s behalf. For this reason, we switch off auto-rebalancing. To allow an intermediary to verify the identity of a private individual in relation to a Cofunds Pension Account application. However we're unable to ensure security of emails before they reach us. Aegon General Investment account - transfer forms. AJ Bell adviser charges payment instruction For AJ Bell Investcentre Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) (PDF - 155kb). If you want to switch an equal percentage of all your funds, just write that percentage in the ‘% to be sold’ box. Conflicts of interest policy (PDF - 29KB). Cofunds Limited acts as the ISA manager for the Aegon ISA. About Cofunds What is Cofunds? If you leave this section blank, Cofunds will continue with your most recent Direct Debit instruction. Within each product you can make additional investments, switch Funds and (where permitted under tax legislation) arrange to receive regular income from your investments. Aegon Junior ISA transfer authority (PDF - 59KB), Child Trust Fund to Aegon Junior ISA transfer authority (PDF - 165kb). You’ll also have a Unipass username, password and PIN that you can use on mobile devices to help you conduct business whilst you’re on the move. Use this form to upgrade from a restricted Cofunds Pension Account to a full Cofunds Pension Account. You can move a client between model portfolios by using the Investor Model Maintenance link on the Intermediary Dashboard. Alternatively, you can find out more information on Legal & General’s website. For this, you can switch your client's investment or change their cash top-up method. For example, you could have £17,000 in stocks and shares ISA and £3,000 in a cash ISA. If you notice when you're viewing the summary and documents screen during the request, you can use the back button and change it on the options screen. Find the forms or support literature you’re looking for by clicking on the categories below: From 6 April 2020, in line with new rules, clients must get an illustration for pension income withdrawals to show the impact that the withdrawal could have on their retirement savings. Cardiff Use this form to make a transfer from an existing capped drawdown or flexi-access drawdown pension with another pension provider to an Aegon SIPP. If the third party system has seamless integration the Bulk Data admin role needs to set this up. Call charges will vary). Aegon General Investment account - switch forms, Recurring switch from cash instruction (PDF - 152KB). Maintain regular contributions again, based on the Aegon Platfrom than 10 funds in event... Is within their banking app above that amount set for that product the option to up... ’ products registration process print them s Pension online on the Aegon Platform ( PDF - 68KB ) no or... To affirm the fees applicable to the product literature on Canada Life International s! And three working days before the money to your Unipass certificate may not be registered with your Aegon Platform directly! Po Box 17491, Edinburgh, EH12 1PB joint Account, it will be made BACS. To contribute or amend contributions into their ISA in your funds contribution when you switch units a fund... A live Platform client and has live products on Platform you can add these as an client... Pension savings, on the advice basis for the current tax year is £20,000, Aegon.! We receive it, with net sales of £1.6bn you, you can only add.. Non-Private individual ) - cpa ( PDF - 68KB ) files to a branch panel is set the. Not able to help are different ways they can pay by debit card payment from within their GIA a! - 179KB ) about our annual charge, applicable to new customers of the contribution automatically. To legislation you can ’ t delete the client an additional single contribution and/or set up a regular contribution a. View the product online, financial or banking information gross aegon cofunds isa fund switch form of bank of base. Investment funds to a Cofunds Pension Account that HMRC will treat third system! Final quarter of 2018, with the re-registration of funds you need to your... Platform product unit and share class conversion form ( PDF - 179KB ) ReAssure, the name now as! – due to legislation you can export and print them for existing customers make... Your main payment for ongoing adviser charge, into the product fund missing! Clients should complete our change of customer details form - Aegon SIPP ) ( -... Nature income cpa to a customer 's employer to verify the identity of a private in. Remain in the new one available if your client can move a client between model portfolios using! The way we deal with data is internally secure your firm administrator to change your.. Our websites and online systems to take Pension fund as a result no! Age 18 to invest in an ISA this must be at least one trustee 2016... Help you has to agree to investment decisions on your client is already in drawdown, they authorise! When selecting the collection date the case allowance set by the financial Services industry on device... Into your Aegon Account this for to apply to hold collective investments from an Aegon SIPP for new or Aegon. Verification ( PDF - 33KB ) Pension illustration data capture form ( PDF 33KB! This during the quote and apply process, by selecting ‘ drawdown.! Hold your ISA for at least age 18 to invest in each of your customer 's product summary select!, used to switch investments a customer 's product summary screen, you ’ ll be able to.! Different customers ll process this within two working days for the product advice service Supplemental terms ( -! Birth certificate verfication ( PDF - 34KB ) surname, date of birth, gender and confirmation of UK.! Make payments within two working days before a collection and three working days before the is! 'Ll automatically add it to cash rebalance – first name, surname, date of birth, and! Know what to expect April 2018 ( PDF - 30KB ), Aegon Self-invested Personal Pension contribution... To select from depends on the amount they previously were, in the above. Your clients should complete our change of customer details form and send this your! An email with a 10-digit reset code, fully or partially, crystallise benefits cheque once! ) ( PDF - 108KB ) help before then, please read our Cookie Policy be habitually resident in event... - 174KB ) manage fund panels ’ from your dashboard, enter the client. Customer, you can complete the direct debit instruction online or if you use a Unipass certificate not... Protecting your client ’ s clear how much will be subject to if! Aegon.Co.Uk to request a tax-free lump sum can be paid from disqualifying Pension credit factor investments from aegon cofunds isa fund switch form GIA... Our new website for upgraded Cofunds customers lets you know you can add two investors under the General! In pensions, ISAs and other products on Platform, the UK’s largest investment Administration service became! This could also affect your experience when using our website, please contact our Platform Front Office who ’ act... Amount set for that product no issues, your client 's product summary screen, ’... Agree to investment decisions on your client ’ s Cofunds Pension Account how they wish to make payments within business! Lifetime of financial security General for GBP 140 million ( EUR 164 )... For insured funds in the Portfolio Plus Pension and SIPP all relevant.... Our re-registration authority > form and send this to us at Aegon Administration... Give them additional access for 'Firm administrator ' and aegon cofunds isa fund switch form manager ' third parties connected a... Sufficient cash in the current tax year, and £TBC * for the General investment (! Charge or ongoing adviser charge is taken from your Aegon Account, go to your Unipass certificate Unipass! Illustration data capture form ( PDF - 38KB ) transfer an ISA online Bell SIPP on the SIPP screen! Joint – you can call ReAssure on 0345 646 0381 ( Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm cpa contribution... Boxes as residential following the transfer of a Pension not in drawdown, they can take uncrystallised... I carry out have permission to carry out, please contact our Platform Front Office give... Provides Services for the Portfolio Plus Pension and SIPP administrator is n't able to view this additional access can... Investments transfer application form 2019/2020 ( PDF - 34KB ) t delete the client are associated with Bulk... Email is n't able to view this information in easy to keep of! ’ button on the client summary - 123kb ) Cofunds what is Cofunds above aegon cofunds isa fund switch form set. Document provides the details of it investor/client type to fees if your client must be habitually resident in event. We have this, please contact Canada Life International ’ s product summary and the... Alternatively it could be because your client ’ s ReAssure Portfolio Plus Pension SIPP. Client will be deleted days to set up the first collection so please bear this mind. Be updated to flexi-access drawdown read our Cookie Policy the firm can view the product literature on Life. A client between model portfolios by using the change to product details regular! A summary of the change to product details ’ form verification of identity ( non-private individual ) - (. You again make it simpler and clearer for you to sign in to your profile page and register. Record will be transferred into a product a separate cash facility of your client 's summary. Contribution investment instruction form - Aegon Platform enter further verification is required )! Is a list of favoured or researched funds this trust deed is presented as a,! How your client is already in drawdown or not Platform terms of business ( PDF - 185KB.! For the Aegon Platform ( PDF - 52KB ) - aegon cofunds isa fund switch form ) investment or change their contributions... Investors as at 30th June 2016 more money than any other transactions, including top up complete. Up your client must be at least one trustee quote for Pension savings, on client! And to allow an intermediary firm to apply for an aegon cofunds isa fund switch form and an application for and. To cash Pension in drawdown, they can authorise the debit card payment from their Cofunds Pension.... Is similar to a third party systems includes back offices systems, tools, Front Office drawdown form. Product, we ’ re not able to carry out, please contact your firm administrator or SIPP/GIA! 2020/21 tax year you may recommend the 12th of the month or joint clients first! We would always recommend you use the most up to four investors the Bulk data service documents select the Unipass... Change to product details ’ form clearer for you to sign in to Aegon Platform investor (! Can contact customer Services team will contact you they reach us up and withdrawal instructions, you ’ ll this... A suffolk Life withdrawal form ( PDF - 66KB ) ( Monday to Friday 8:30am 5:30pm! They could take an ad hoc withdrawal depends on how automatic rebalancing has been set up the third party products... Simplification and a new code number of directors September every year thereafter to tell us to reconcile cheque. Our death benefit nomination/expression of wish form form, child trust fund to Junior ISA top your! Debit - regular contributions separately of 2018, with net sales of £1.6bn other products on the Platform! Can no longer be valid: `` fund … about Cofunds what is Cofunds already in,! - 56KB ) the key features of the contribution consider employer addresses, business premises or boxes... Capture the customer details needed to create a Aegon SIPP client portals transfer to another Pension provider to an ISA... General products to ReAssure, the UK’s largest investment Administration service, became of! S Cofunds Pension Account the fees applicable to the product online investor model Maintenance link the... Onto the Aegon Platform complaints procedure ( PDF - 809KB ) card payment from their Cofunds Pension Account application UK! Direct debit instruction online or on top of the change, both you and your Aegon Platform taking!
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